Dr. M. Abdelguerfi
Professor & Chair
Computer Science Department
University of New Orleans
Tel: (504) 280-6594
Fax: (504) 280-7228


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Ioup, E., Yang, Z., Barre, B., Sample, J., Shaw, K., Abdelguerfi, M., “Annotating Uncertaintly of Geospatial and Environmental Data,” IEEE Internet Computing, 2015, pp.18-27.

Soniat, T.M., N. Cooper, E.N. Powell, J.M. Klinck , M. Abdelguerfi, S. Tu, R. Mann and P.D. Banks. 2014. Estimating Sustainable Harvests of Eastern Oysters, Crassostrea Virginica. J. Shellfish Res. 33:381-394.

Shaw, K., Ioup, E., Sample, J., Abdelguerfi, M., Tu, Shengru, Becker, B., “Passively Repurposing Hyperspectral Data by Formally Modeling Provenance,” WMSCI/KGCM 2013 Conference, Orlando, Fl., July, 2013.

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Abdelguerfi, M., “Large Scale Geospatial Data Mining using Hadoop and R System,” Naval Research laboratory, Stennis Space center – M.S., $999,994, Start Date: 1/1/2016, Duration: 5 years. (funded)

Abdelguerfi, M., “Environmental Geospatial Information Systems Development for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF),” Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, $834,532, Start Date: 7/1/2015, Duration 3 years.

Abdelguerfi, M., “Workforce Computational Programming Training,” Louisiana Economic Development (LED), $10,000, Start Date: 7/1/2015, Duration: 6 months.

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